Eco Tourism Certification

Eco Tourism Certification

At Fly Australia Charters, we are proud to be certified through Ecotourism Australia’s renowned ecotourism certification program. As a result, when you choose to travel with us, you’re not just embarking on a journey, but supporting a commitment to sustainability and exceptional nature-based tourism experiences.*

The ECO Certification program, a pioneering initiative, focuses on certifying tourism products with a primary emphasis on nature. This certification provides travelers with the assurance that our products are backed by a robust and well-managed dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring high-quality nature-based tourism encounters. By bearing the ECO Certification, we join the ranks of authentic and exemplary operators, further solidifying our dedication to quality and responsibility.

Our certification is a testament to our devotion to various principles, including:

  • Caring for the natural environment that forms our backdrop
  • Offering high-quality interpretation and educational experiences for our guests
  • Engaging and supporting our local community
  • Reducing our carbon footprint for a greener future
  • Safeguarding our unique wildlife and endangered species
  • Contributing tangibly to conservation efforts
  • Preserving and honoring Australian Indigenous cultures
  • Delivering an unforgettable and top-notch guest experience

Notably, the Ecotourism Australia Certification programs are internationally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). At Fly Australia Charters, we wholeheartedly embrace the ecotourism philosophy, which centers on sustainable and eco-friendly tourism that fosters an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment and cultural heritage.

The ECO Certification logo, a globally recognized emblem, assists travelers in making an informed choice, ensuring their experience is both environmentally and socially responsible. By achieving Ecotourism Australia Certification, we stand proudly among fellow operators who share our commitment to sustainability and the provision of authentic, high-quality nature-based tourism experiences.

In essence, choosing Fly Australia Charters and our ECO Certification guarantees that you’re embarking on an authentic nature experience that genuinely safeguards the environment. Backed by the ECO Certification program, our commitment to sustainable practices ensures that your adventure with us is not only unforgettable but contributes positively to the environment and local communities.

Thank you for considering Fly Australia Charters as your choice for exceptional nature-based tourism experiences.

*Eco Tourism Certification applies to Whitsunday Island & Reef Scenic Flight only.

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